Victim Services PSA

Guelph Wellington Victim Services

Client: Victim Services of Guelph Wellington, Guelph Police  

Location: Guelph, Ontario

Video Production Style: Live Action Public Service Announcement


We have produced a number of projects for Victim Services of Guelph Wellington, including animation and live action. This particular video was created as one of a four part series that highlight different forms of abuse. We scripted each video and filmed them at locations around Guelph and Elora Ontario.

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More information about Victim Services of Guelph Wellington:

Victim Services Guelph Wellington is a compassionate and vital resource for individuals and families affected by crime, violence, or sudden trauma in the Guelph-Wellington region. As a non-profit organization, their primary mission is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to victims during their time of need.

Their dedicated team of trained staff and volunteers offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of each client. This includes crisis intervention, emotional support, and practical assistance such as navigating the criminal justice system, court support, and safety planning. They also provide valuable information and referrals to additional community resources to aid in the healing and recovery process.

Through collaborative partnerships with law enforcement agencies, social service organizations, and other community stakeholders, Victim Services Guelph Wellington ensures that victims receive holistic and compassionate care. Their advocacy efforts aim to empower victims, amplify their voices within the justice system, and foster resilience within the community.

By providing essential support services and promoting awareness of victim rights and resources, Victim Services Guelph Wellington plays a crucial role in promoting healing, justice, and empowerment for those impacted by crime and trauma in the Guelph-Wellington area.

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