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Providing helicopter and drone aerial cinematography for clients across Canada.

We offer professional aerial cinematography solutions to clients across southern Ontario and the rest of Canada. Our team is made up of experienced helicopter cinematographers and drone operators that deliver exceptional aerial video production services to our clients.

Whether low level flying with a drone or high in the sky with a helicopter, our aerial team will get the shots you need!

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View our demo reel to see a wide range of helicopter and drone aerial cinematography.

Helicopter Cinematography

Helicopter Cinematography

Using a helicopter for filming projects offers unparalleled advantages, particularly when it comes to capturing dynamic aerial shots and expansive landscapes. Helicopters provide filmmakers with the flexibility to maneuver freely in the sky, allowing for a wide range of perspectives and angles that are difficult to achieve with other methods.

With their ability to fly at varying altitudes and speeds, helicopters offer filmmakers the opportunity to capture sweeping panoramic views, follow fast-moving subjects, and access remote or challenging locations. This versatility enables filmmakers to achieve cinematic shots that elevate the visual storytelling of their projects.

Furthermore, helicopters are equipped with stabilization technology and professional-grade camera mounts, ensuring smooth and steady footage even in challenging flying conditions. This results in high-quality, professional-level imagery that enhances the overall production value of the project.

While utilizing a helicopter for filming may involve additional costs and logistical considerations, the unparalleled aerial capabilities it offers can significantly enhance the visual impact and storytelling potential of any project.

We are experienced in filming from different aircraft in a wide range of settings. Whether you are looking for air to air filming or air to ground, we deliver great results!

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Drone Cinematography

Using a drone to film a project offers numerous advantages that can elevate the quality and visual impact of the final product. Firstly, drones provide unique aerial perspectives that are otherwise difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional filming methods. This allows for breathtaking shots of landscapes, buildings, events, and more, adding depth and dimension to the footage.

Additionally, drones are highly versatile and can navigate various environments with ease, whether it’s capturing dynamic action sequences, tracking moving subjects, or accessing hard-to-reach areas. Their agility and maneuverability enable filmmakers to unleash their creativity and capture footage from innovative angles.

Furthermore, drones are cost-effective alternatives to traditional aerial filming methods, such as helicopters or cranes, making them accessible to a wider range of projects and budgets. With advancements in technology, drones also offer high-quality camera capabilities, ensuring professional-grade footage for any production.

Ultimately, utilizing a drone for filming projects can enhance storytelling, create visually stunning content, and provide a competitive edge in today’s media landscape.

As a commercial drone operator, we are fully insured and fly within the Transport Canada rules regarding drone operation.

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