Video Production Process

Our Production Process

Efficient and effective, our video production process lays the foundation for success!

We are a full service production company, and we mean it!

When you work with us, any style of live action or animated video is at your fingertips. Our original content is created by a team of professionals with many years of experience in live action and animation.

We produce a wide range of content, from CGI animations for multi-national corporations to product videos for local companies, whatever the project is – we stick to our tried and true production process!


Best video production company guide animation and live action

Concept Development

During the conceptualization phase, we start by determining your ultimate goal for your video content.

We learn what result/action you are hoping to achieve. We learn about your product or service. We learn about your target audience. We also learn what your core message is.

Throughout this process, we come up with ideas about what type and style of video production would work best for you. Sometimes live action video works great, sometimes animated videos work even better!

After going through the concept development stage, our video productions move into pre-production.

Animation character board


This is where we plan all of the details of the project. There are a lot of moving pieces during pre-production and keeping things organized and on time is what we do!


Pre-production for animation covers a wide range of areas. A few of the areas include; character boards, script writing, storyboards, and voice over sourcing.

Live Action:

Pre-production for live action is similar to animation, but includes other items, including; hiring actors, location scouting, logistics, etc.

Animated Explainer Video Production


This is where the action happens! The production phase is where the content is created, whether in studio or on location.


As a full service animation company, we illustrate and animate a wide range of styles in house. Our artists and animators work on state of the art equipment for professional results. From 2D to CGI, the sky is the limit with our team!

Live Action:

Our team has great experience on all kinds of projects from air-to-air filming from helicopters to shooting product videos in our studio. Our live action video production services are scalable, allowing us to film small or large projects while keeping your budget in check!

Guelph Video production company

Post Production

This is where the content is edited and polished up!


During this stage, the animations are edited and sound effects are added. Once the edit is approved, the animations are rendered in a format of the client’s choosing.

Live Action:

This stage involves editing footage, motion graphics, sound design, and colour grading. Once the final edit is approved, the video is rendered in a format of the client’s choosing.

Groves Animated Video


Once the project has been approved, we will deliver the content to the client. We provide files in a wide variety of formats from 4k broadcast to HD internet videos being hosted on sites such as YouTube and Facebook. For projects being delivered for 4k or HD broadcast, we handle closed captioning, telecaster numbers, and delivery through Extreme Reach.

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