Waterloo Warbirds Video Production

Warbirds 30 Second Trailer

Client: Skies Magazine (published by MHM Media)

Location: Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario

Video Production Style: Aerial Cinematography


We had the great pleasure to work with Skies Magazine to create this Waterloo Warbirds video production.

This particular video was created to promote an upcoming article about the Waterloo Warbirds in an issue of Skies Magazine. In addition to this 30 second video, we created a longer version that was featured in the online version of the magazine.

We have done lots of aerial cinematography in the past, but this shoot was quite unique. It featured all fixed-wing aircraft, and the planes that we were filming were up to 65 years old! Our favourite jet was the Polish MiG 15, hands down!

For this particular shoot, we were passengers in a Beech 18 aircraft that was built in the 1950’s. We also took off from a grass runway in Woodstock. Quite the experience! We then flew to Kitchener where we met up with the Waterloo Warbirds.

Filming took place on the ground at the Region of Waterloo Airport (YKF). The aerial filming occurred near Stratford, Ontario.

This project was one of our favourites we have ever worked on. We feel very fortunate to work in such unique settings and film rare aircraft. We hope you enjoy this Waterloo Warbirds video production!

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