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Training videos are educational tools designed to impart knowledge, skills, and information on a specific topic or subject matter. They serve as a visual aid to facilitate learning by presenting content in a dynamic and engaging format. These videos can cover a wide range of subjects, from technical skills like software usage or machinery operation to soft skills like leadership and communication.

Additionally, training videos offer the flexibility to be accessed at any time, allowing learners to review the material at their own pace and convenience. They are widely used in corporate training programs, educational institutions, and online learning platforms due to their effectiveness in delivering content in an engaging and accessible manner.

We produce training content for clients spanning a wide variety of industries and services. Our team creates both animated training videos and live action training videos.

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Animated Training Videos

Animated Training Videos

An animated training video is a type of instructional video that utilizes animation techniques to convey information, concepts, or instructions. Unlike live-action videos, animated training videos are created with illustrations and animation, allowing for a high degree of creativity and flexibility in visual representation.

These videos often feature characters, objects, and environments that are drawn, modeled, or digitally created to illustrate key points or scenarios related to the training topic. Animation allows for the portrayal of abstract concepts, complex processes, or hypothetical situations in a visually engaging and easily understandable manner.

Training animations can range from simple, 2D animations to more complex 3D animations, depending on the level of detail and sophistication required for the training content. They are widely used in various fields, including corporate training, education, healthcare, and safety, due to their ability to effectively communicate information while capturing the audience’s attention.

Training Videos

Live Action Training Videos

A live-action training video is a type of instructional video that features real people, objects, and environments, as opposed to animation or computer-generated imagery. In live-action training videos, actors, presenters, or subject matter experts are filmed engaging in activities, demonstrations, or discussions related to the training topic.

These videos often aim to simulate real-world scenarios or interactions to provide learners with practical demonstrations and examples. They can include footage of workplace procedures, customer interactions, product demonstrations, safety protocols, or any other relevant content.

Live-action training videos may also incorporate elements such as interviews, testimonials, and on-screen text to further explain concepts or emphasize key points. They are commonly used in corporate training programs, employee onboarding, skills development, and compliance training across various industries due to their ability to provide realistic and relatable learning experiences.

Whiteboard Training Videos

Whiteboard Training Videos

A whiteboard training video, also known as a whiteboard animation video, is a type of instructional video that simulates the process of a presenter drawing and explaining concepts on a whiteboard or similar surface. In these videos, viewers typically watch as a hand draws illustrations, diagrams, and text on a blank white background, while a voiceover narration provides explanations or instructions.

Whiteboard training videos are characterized by their simplicity and clarity. They often use a combination of hand-drawn visuals, text, and narration to explain complex topics or processes in a straightforward and engaging manner. These videos are effective for breaking down complicated ideas into manageable chunks and facilitating comprehension.

Whiteboard training videos are widely used in educational settings, corporate training programs, online courses, and presentations. They offer a visually appealing and dynamic way to deliver information, making them popular for communicating concepts, procedures, and training materials to diverse audiences.

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