Municipal Animated Explainer Video

Produced for the County of Wellington

Project: Ride Well Explainer Video

Client: County of Wellington

Location: Guelph, Ontario

Video Production Style: Animated Explainer Video

Project Overview: 

We created this animation for the County of Wellington to help promote their new ride sharing program, Ride Well. Ride Well is a unique service which is owned and operated by the County and is mainly targeted at the rural market where transportation options are quite limited.

We were hired to create a series of animations to help explain the service to the residents of the County. Each animation explained different aspects of the service and how it can benefit the end user.

The animation was well received and was used across social media channels as well as the County’s website.

If you are interested in having a municipal animated explainer video production created for your county or city, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us by clicking here!

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