Jillian Michaels Best Health Video

Fitness Video Production

Project: Fitness Video Production

Client: Best Health

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Video Production Style: Interview Video

Project Overview: 

We were hired to produce a number of fitness videos for Best Health Magazine. Each video featured Jillian Michaels talking about exercising and healthy living.

This particular video is an interview style video where Jillian is answering a series of health and fitness related questions one after the other. She covered a wide range of health and fitness related topics and provided viewers with her insight.

In addition to this interview video, we also produced a series of exercise videos. These videos feature Jillian completing a variety of exercises while providing her thoughts about proper technique and so on.

Filming for this fitness video production was done over the course of 1 day in downtown Toronto. The video was used as an online supplement to the story that was run in the print magazine.

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