Energy Plus Animated Explainer Video

Save On Energy Coupon Animation

Project: Energy Plus Animated Explainer Video

Client: Energy Plus

Location: Cambridge and Brantford, Ontario

Video Production Style: Animated Explainer Video

Project Overview: 

The Energy Plus animated explainer video was created to promote the special rebate offers of the Save On Energy coupon program.

The goal of the animation was to increase customer awareness of the wide range of valuable coupons being offered by Save On Energy. Animation was chosen for the project as it was meant to be light and engaging to watch. A variety of scenes are shown throughout the video highlighting different scenarios with the culmination of the video happening in a city with a lot action going occurring on the screen.

The Energy Plus animated explainer video was used throughout the Cambridge and Brantford area where the Energy Plus customer base resides. The animation was used on social media and the Energy Plus website.

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