Economic Development Video

Centre Wellington (Elora Fergus)

Project: Centre Wellington Economic Development Video

Client: Township of Centre Wellintong

Location: Elora and Fergus, Ontario

Video Production Style: Animation, live action

Project Overview: 

The Township of Centre Wellington approached us to create an economic development video to help attract new business to the area. We were tasked to create a production that was informative, but would be entertaining enough to keep people watching to the end of the video. The project turned into a hybrid video including animated photographs and live action video.

Producing this video was quite fun. Many hours were spent looking through the Wellington County Archives, searching for historic photographs that were relevant to the story and that were also suitable for animation. Once we found a number of desired photographs we were able to start piecing the animations together and added them to our live action sequences.

We enjoyed this project from the start to finish. Our team came up with the concept, wrote the script, cast the talent, and everything relating to the filming and the animation.

The video was well received and was shared by many throughout a number of social media channels.

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