Animated Concert Promo Video

The Tea Party, Big Wreck, Moist, Headstones

Project: Animated Concert Promo Video (Saints and Sinners 2020 Tour)

Client: The Feldman Agency

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Video Production Style: 2D Animation


We were contracted to produce an animated promotional video for the Saints and Sinners 2020 Tour.

The animation consisted of members from The Tea Party, Big Wreck, Moist, and Headstones. The leader singer of each band appeared in the video as talking heads, having a telephone conversation with each other. As the animation progressed, the characters decided to go on tour with each other, thus creating the Saints and Sinners 2020 Tour.

The animation was used to publicly announce the tour, with ticket sales going live a few days later.

The animation was well received by the public with tens of thousands viewing it and thousands commenting and sharing.

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