Scottish Festival Animated Video

Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Project: Scottish Festival Animated Video

Client: Fergus Scottish Festival

Location: Fergus, Ontario

Video Production Style: 2D Animated Video

Project Overview: 

The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is one of North America’s largest and longest running Scottish festivals. We created the Scottish Festival animated video in order to drive advanced ticket sales through their website.

We were given the task to create a compelling animated video that would be shared by viewers on Facebook. We achieved this goal by creating an animated video that pulled at the heartstrings of the viewer.

The Scottish Festival animation is centered around a sentimental type script, with a thick Scottish accent reading delivering the narration. Starting in medieval Scotland, the animation travels through the generations and ends up in a field where the Highland Games are taking place.

We created the animation to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the video surpassed all goals in regards to views and shares on social media.

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