Lee Watson – Falling South Music Video

Animated music video

Project: Lee Watson – Falling South Music Video

Client: Lee Watson

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Video Production Style: Animated Music Video

Project Overview: 

We were quite thrilled when we got the call to be a part of Lee Watson’s Falling South music video. Music videos are a great way to flex our creative muscle in ways that aren’t always suitable for our commercial clients.

During the early stages of production, it was determined that the song would be best served by an animated music video. The style of animation selected is a little out there, with lots of abstract illustrations and animation.

Drawing inspiration from Ontario’s north country, the animated music video is full of visual references to Algonquin Park and Tom Thomson. The scenes flow from one to the next in a non-linear sequence, allowing for lots of different interpretations of the content.

The music video was used to promote Lee Watson’s music through social media and his website. Definitely a fun project to be a part of!

If you are interested in an animated music video, contact us today by clicking here!

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