ISC Kitchener Commercial Production

Promotional video ISC Kitchener

Project: ISC Kitchener Commercial Production

Client: Kitchener Fastpitch Promotions

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Video Production Style: Commercial

Project Overview: The 2018 International Softball Congress world tournament was held in Kitchener Ontario. As part of the lead of promotion of the tournament, we were hired to produce a series of 3 ISC Kitchener commercials. This particular spot was lighthearted and told the story of a passionate umpire.

Borrowing a style form the Spaghetti Western genre, we created spot that was unique and well received. This ISC Kitchener commercial was a success in generating excitement and helped drive ticket sales at the 2018 ISC Kitchener website.

In addition to this commercial, another 2 spots featuring other characters were created. The video series was used primarily on the Kitchener Fastpitch Promotions Facebook page where they generated over 30,000 views.

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