Guelph Animated Explainer Video

2D Animation Explaining a New Intersection Design

Project: Guelph Animated Explainer Video

Client: City of Guelph

Location: Guelph, Ontairo

Video Production Style: Animated Explainer Video


The City of Guelph hired us to produce an animation as part of an education campaign for their new style of intersections.

The Dutch style intersection was installed near the University of Guelph at the crossing of Stone Road and Gordon Street. What is different about this intersection is how the bicycle traffic flows. Basically, the bike lane is a separate entity in the intersection, where bikes only ride in one direction. So to make a left turn, the cyclists would follow the intersection around until they met their appropriate turn – much like the idea of a traffic circle.

The Guelph animated explainer video was created in 2D animation. The video was designed to be easy to follow and to help people better understand how to use the intersection before they went there in person.

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