Google Adwords Animated Explainer Video

2D Animated Explainer Video

Project: Google Adwords Animated Explainer Video

Client: Evergreen Digital Marketing

Location: Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario

Video Production Style: 2D Animated Explainer Video

Project Overview: 

This Google Adwords Animated Video was created for the promotion of the Nonprofit Superheroes.

The Nonprofit Superheroes was a product of Evergreen Digital Marketing. The Nonprofit Superheroes delivered a series of large presentations to people across the United States and Canada. The presentations touched on all things Google Adwords related and drew audiences reaching upwards of a few thousand people.

In order to promote the series of presentations, Evergreen Digital Marketing approached Tivoli Films to create a promotional video. The goal was to generate excitement and encourage people to sign up for one of the Nonprofit Superhero Google Adwords presentations.

The styling of the Google Adwords explainer video was inspired by comic book superheroes. The superheroes in the video are caricatures of the live presenters, Mark and Jason. Viewer response was excellent. As a result the Nonprofit Superhero presentations drew larger crowds than expected in large part do to the explainer video.

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