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Providing helicopter and drone aerial cinematography for clients across Canada.

We offer professional aerial cinematography solutions to clients across southern Ontario and the rest of Canada. Our team is made up of experienced helicopter cinematographers and drone operators that deliver exceptional aerial video production services to our clients.

Whether low level flying with a drone or high in the sky with a helicopter, our aerial team will get the shots you need!

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Aerial Cinematography Experts

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Aerial Cinematography Demo Reel

View our demo reel to see a wide range of helicopter and drone aerial cinematography.

Helicopter Cinematography

Helicopter Cinematography

Our professional helicopter cinematography team delivers stunning results to our clients across Canada.

We are experienced in filming from different aircraft in a wide range of settings. Whether you are looking for air to air filming or air to ground, we deliver great results!

Elora Fergus Aerial Video Production

Drone Cinematography

When needing to get lower to the ground or working with a smaller budget, our drone cinematography team is here to help!

With our drone, you get incredible results. From low level flying to reaching inaccessible locations, our drones will take your video production to another level!

As a commercial drone operator, we are fully insured and fly within the Transport Canada rules regarding drone operation.

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