video production process

  • Concept Development

    A well designed video production starts with a solid concept. During conceptualization, we learn about your goals and decide what type of video would best suit your needs. We then create original storyboards and scripts with the identified goals in mind.

  • Pre-Production

    After the concept has been created and refined, the project moves into pre-production. It is here where the planning of the production takes place. Items such as location scouting, talent sourcing, and scheduling all take place here.

  • Production

    Lights, camera, action! After the concept has been developed and all planning has taken place, we bring our cameras out and film the content. We work on small and larger sets filming a wide range of content for our clients.

  • Post-Production

    The next step is to put all of the raw content together. Our editing team will cut the raw footage, add colour correction, and create animations (2D and 3D). The sound-mix is also completed at this time with voice tracks, music score, and sound f/x being brought together.

  • Delivery

    Once the project has been approved, we will deliver the content to the client. We provide files in a wide variety of formats for HD broadcast to internet videos being hosted on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. For projects being delivered for HD broadcast, we handle closed captioning, telecaster numbers, and delivery through Extreme Reach.