The Township of Centre Wellington hired us to produce an intriguing economic development video that would stand out among other economic development videos from other municipalities.

We decided to take a unique approach by creating an animated photograph video. The animated photograph video is centered around historical photographs that we have brought to life. Through a tedious process, we were able to move objects and people in the photographs while keeping the main image intact.

In addition to the animated photographs, we have an actor dressed in period clothing delivering the script on camera and through voice over. The actor was filmed on location at a building with a lot of character. This helped us achieve the look we were going for in the video. As the video progresses, the actor switches to present day clothing and a variety of b-roll footage shows the viewer the kinds of businesses operating in Centre Wellington today.

We had a great time producing this animated photograph video and look forward to doing other projects in this style.

If your organization is interested in an animated photograph video or any style of animated or live action video, contact us today by clicking here!

Centre Wellington Economic Development Animated Photograph Video

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